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Wyrmspan Upgrade Bundle

Get the game with upgraded components!
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Base Game English
90 mins Game Length
5 mins Setup Time
1-5 Players
Heavy Game Weight

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You are an amateur dracologist in the world of Wyrmspan, a place where dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colors roam the skies. Excavate a hidden labyrinth you recently unearthed on your land and entice these beautiful creatures to roost in the sanctuary of your caves.

During a game of Wyrmspan, you will build a sanctuary for dragons of all shapes and sizes. Your sanctuary begins with 3 excavated spaces—the leftmost space in your Crimson Cavern, your Golden Grotto, and your Amethyst Abyss. Over the course of the game, you will excavate additional spaces in your sanctuary and entice dragons to live there, chaining together powerful abilities and earning the favor of the Dragon Guild.

Wyrmspan is inspired by the mechanisms of Wingspan, though its unique elements make Wyrmspan a standalone game (not compatible with Wingspan).

PLEASE NOTE: This is an English-language product. See our website for more information on localization partners.

Paper / Cardboard

  • 1 Dragon Guild board
  • 4 (double-sided) Dragon Guild tiles
  • 183 dragon cards (“dragons”)
  • 1 card display board
  • 1 round tracker board
  • 10 (double-sided) objective tiles
  • 5 player mats
  • 10 (double-sided) quick start guides
  • 1 score pad

Coins / Tokens / Eggs / Markers

  • 45 coins (silver)
  • 25 meat tokens (red)
  • 25 gold tokens (yellow)
  • 75 cave cards
  • 25 crystal tokens (purple)
  • 25 milk tokens (white)
  • 55 eggs
  • 20 multiplier tokens (for resources and eggs)
  • 1 round marker
  • 1 start player marker

Player Pieces

  • 1 adventurer in each color
  • 8 player markers (4 for objective scoring; 4 for the Dragon Guild) in each color
  • 1 guild token in each color

Wyrmspan game setup

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