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Tapestry: Arts & Architecture

$65.00 AUD Regular price $75.00
20+ available.
Expansion English
90-120 mins Game Length
5 mins Setup Time (with base game)
1-5 Players
Medium Game Weight

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Tapestry: Arts & Architecture

Choose from a variety of new capital city mats, a new advancement track featuring new types of cards and tiles, plus more civilizations, tapestry cards, tech cards, and landmark cards in this second expansion for Tapestry.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an English-language product. See our website for more information on localization partners.

General components:

  • 8 unqiue, painted landmark miniatures
  • 5 landmark cards
  • 3 landmark tokens
  • 1 twenty-sided science die
  • 5 asymmetric civilization mats
  • 6 advanced capital city mats
  • 1 arts track
  • 20 masterpiece cards
  • 20 tapestry cards
  • 11 tech cards
  • 25 player tokens (5 per player)
  • 20 inspirational tiles (4 per player)
  • 1 reference guide
  • 1 multiplayer rulebook

Automa components:

  • 1 scoring overla tiles
  • 10 replacement decision cards
  • 2 Automa civilization cards
  • 2 Arts and Architecture income cards
  • 1 Arts and Architecture player aid card
  • 1 replacement card (for the Automa Hucksters/Trailblazers civilization card from the Plans and Ploys expansion)
  • 1 Automa rulebook

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