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Wingspan Vision-Friendly Cards: Core Game

$25.00 AUD
20+ available.

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Wingspan Vision-Friendly Cards: Core Game

This pack of 180 bird cards from the core game of Wingspan are graphically designed to be more visually accessible by removing any visual clutter that isn’t absolutely necessary for comprehending a card, making icons darker (and sometimes bigger, if necessary), and reformatting the power area (larger text, different font, higher contrast, and black text on a white background overlaid on the power’s color swatch in the background).

These cards are mechanically identical to their original counterparts. Each card is 57x87mm and is linen embossed for durability and longevity. While these cards are mechanically identical to the original cards, their primary purpose is to be used by themselves for vision friendliness, not in combination with standard Wingspan cards.

Vision-friendly cards are only available on their own; that is, the original format of the cards included in Wingspan remains the same.

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